Sth I have to say…

Posted: 二月 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
U guyes will never understand the feeling that I got right now. I just visited the place where I was born, It was realy shock me out. I do can undertand the feeling that my parensents had and what I have got when they introduced to me. however, I have to express. I wanna be back, but, how can I  go back. the TG and common citizens changed everything , how can I keep my life normal. Hoping the goverment would be better than ever, and hoping I could be back under my personal decision…. .
  1. LI说道:


  2. Sharp说道:

    No, I do really wanna come back to China. Something, you may not know, Chinese guys are really crazy in shopping. One yeas since the last came back, again, great changes happened, new cars, big amount with higher prices, and shopping malls came out in a small city with 6 million population. How you think? we are going to be 30, how can we find the gap between them, who have big amount of money but lower education level. How you think? we, maybe, so much concern on the education but money is much more important than that..And what we called better life, not only the money but also the life style and something you know, the personal power coming from the TG.

  3. Sharp说道:

    the only reason why I wanna come back is my parents, nothing else…

  4. MG说道:

    Could a city with 6 million population be spatially small?Compared with Tyoko or Osaka, the Chinese cities (not including HK, Taipei) are all economicly small. A small number of Chinese are metarially rich, because they are relatives of gun. The TG members are talented politicians, but they walk too far in making money of their own with the gun.

  5. Sharp说道:

    Sorry, I made the mistake, actually, the population in my hometown is around 600,000. Sorry again.and as you mentioned, the TG’s tools are not only the GUN but also the political personal power..

  6. yan说道:

    有两个问题不解:第一,你的家乡,现在在你的意识里,仅仅就是“the place where I was born”吗?第二,这个你生长了块三十年的国家,在你出国三年再回来,你就突然不能适应了?嘻嘻,其实情况没那么糟吧,你要对我们有信心哈!

  7. MG说道:


  8. Sharp说道:

    For Yan’s comment, Since sth have changed during those years, to adapt the life again, I really do not have enough confidence.

  9. Sharp说道:

    To LI LI 同学,国内人讲的不是尊严,国内更实际,讲的是お金、お金いっぱいあるの人は尊严もたくさんあるよ、

  10. yan说道:

    to 行痴 :你是哪个小孩呀?哈哈哈,看看你多狭义,广义的我们,就是所有生活在国内的我们呢!韩胖需要进行一下心理重建,你看看你都在八卦些啥!哈哈哈

  11. Sharp说道:


  12. Sharp说道:

    To, Yan, you misunderstood "the place where I was born", It is not "hometown" as you mentioned.. just the place..


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