Arrived at Vienna, Austria. 维也纳到着

Posted: 七月 4, 2010 in 旅行杂记-Travelling

As the first real experience to European countries, it’s really fresh. Everybody could speak at least two languages, their native’s and English, German, French, etc. And, I am a real foreigner for both appearance and culture. People are good in Vienna, but seems French is not so good, cause they seldom speak English although they could understand.

Plus, the city is not so hug as I thought.

Update on the 3rd day (06 Jul, 2010)of being in Vienna.

昨儿会完事儿后溜了一下内城,晚上去了大名鼎鼎的维也纳“金色大厅”听了一场音乐会,都是贝多芬的曲子,1个半小时,蛮不错,不过欧元也是花得蛮不错 67Euro,大支出啊,哈哈。不大习惯欧洲人的料理,昨天吃了一下这边的中华料理,味道跟国内的差不太多,只是量都是小的,走回转寿司式的模式,今儿发现了一家日本料理店,的确三脚猫级别的日语也足够用,还可以跟服务员哈啦哈啦,哈哈。

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    法国人招人讨厌,开会的时候碰见一个做农作物监测的,随便问了两个问题,丫的 跟我兜了半天圈子,最后还是没给我回答,FT。


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