What a wonderful government we have!

Posted: 五月 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

As we know to all, the devastating earthquake hit one of the southwest provinces of China. Tens of thousands of my compatriots died within a few minutes or seconds. Thousands of building destroyed by the first-shake and aftershock within several days. Hundreds of thousands of P.L.A. gather in the epicenter for saving peoples’ life. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers share their passion for warming up victims of a natural calamity.

Despite of some bias of western media because of the Tibet crackdown on March, but this time, I must show my appreciate to their attitudes, news and comments, upon this event.  They became more concern about the real news, what we have done against the disaster, without political bias.

After all, I have to show my appreciate to the efficiency of our government. Disaster can be controlled by the Lord of the Ghost who has the super power as we, human being, can not predict. but at the same time, I mean immediately after the disaster, the government machine works more efficient than ever before. That means we are fortunately enough of have a wonderful government. 



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