Blessing China! Be Sturdily, China!

Posted: 五月 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

昨天地震了,今天在救助,今晚回来,一直开着PPLIVE,看着央视的直播,直到深夜,也一直难有睡意,很是伤心,自己看起来居然也会有泪水流淌,觉得身上会有痛楚的感觉,现场的视频若隐若现,采访都是音频连线,可以想象灾情的严重,Blessing China.

We had a serious earthquake yesterday in the southwest of my dear China. Thousands of my dear compatriots died within a shake second. I watching the CCTV live broadcast immediately after the OS started. Blessing China. Blessing save more my dear compatriots. Be sturdily, China.

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