Nothing to say, a little bit angry recently,

Posted: 四月 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

Somebody may did not have times spend in Beijing, where I spent my past 7 years, which city is also the capital city of China. It said that nearly all the Chinese policies were decided in this wonderful city. what’s more, I can be a witness to prove what happened to the city and the people live in during the past 7 years. They improving their life and making their city more beautiful and more  orderliness day after day. I am sure that Beijing is going to be a great attraction in the world.

Somebody may even did not have times spend in China, where I spent my past 25 years, which country is also one of the super power candidate. It approved that the manufactures of "Made in China" spread all around the word. what’s more, I, a common citizen of China, have to said that we can be the super power in the following  decade.

Some say we care about the Olympic Games, because we wanna show our developing power in the past two decades and right now.

Some say we do not care about the Games, because even if there do not have such game we can developing quickly too.

as a result which I have to show you is that we are stronger and more powerful than before.

but we are keeping on favoring of the Peace and the Harmony.



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