Night of Tottori with my feeling showing in different ways

Posted: 二月 14, 2008 in 留学感言-Feeling of Study Abroad., 日本生活二三事儿~ Life in JAPAN
show me the meaning of being lonely, so many words for the broken heart, it’s hard to see in a crimson love,
so hard to breathe…….
Every night when i heard this song, feelings come out of my minds…….
What happened in the room without light off,
what happened to the guy without sleepy,
what happened to the running feeling without rest;
How photo shows the wonderful past that I had enjoyed,
how camera going to take the unknown future i have to change myself to be a bright new one.
I wanna find my way to share the happiness with everybody,
I wanna find my way to enjoy the loness by myself.
That are the common things that we called life. 


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